Playoff Pants Party: Seahawks Vs. Cowboys

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We didn't talk much about this, but the reason for our trip to Argentina? An attempt to further check out the genealogy of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. (Turns out he is not, in fact, Argentinian.) It's still pretty amazing that Romo is in the Pro Bowl; if the Cowboys lose this game, he's gonna look awfully silly in Hawaii.

Strangely, considering how well Seattle plays at home and how poorly Dallas has played the last few weeks, most don't seem to think that's going to happen. Here's a look at what the kids are saying.


Cool Standings: Cowboys.
Football Outsiders: Cowboys.
Harmon Forecast: Cowboys.
Paul Zimmerman: Cowboys.
Peter King: Cowboys.
Deadspin: Seahawks. The Cowboys just lost at home to the Lions, and they were actually kind of trying to win. It's really difficult to win in Seattle, remember. We're hoping Terrell Owens drops a game-winning touchdown pass, though we're not sure if Bill Parcells would be more dangerous for him afterwards, or the pills.

We can't be the only one who likes Seattle, can we? Let us know in the comments ...