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More ugliness. This would be horrible if the Steeler's won this game. Please. This can't happen. We really need to see the Patriots/Colts decide this thing once and for all.(Erm, this season, at least.) (Yes, barring the Broncos don't screw it up, either.)

And we're sure Bill Cowher's been an absolute joy to be around this week. Our grandmother used to take her teeth out in an effort in an attempt to scare us into going to bed. We're pretty sure Cowher does the same thing with his dinosaur jaw. Willie Parker hasn't slept since Tuesday.

Presto! Predictions.

· Bill Simmons: Colts
· Daily Quickie: Colts
· Peter King: Colts
· Paul Zimmerman: Colts
· Harmon Forecast: Colts
· DEADSPIN pick: Colts

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you have game. Do you have game? Seriously, do you have it? Take your time. We ll wait.)