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Playoffs Pants Party: Cardinals vs. Astros

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Well, fortunately, we have F/X. Like last year, the Cardinals and Astros are playing a game of their NLCS on an obscure cable network that's up there near the Outdoor Life Network. But that's fine: It's only the playoffs. Anyway, this is a rematch of a series last year that, since apparently nobody noticed, was absolutely amazing; you can make a very strong argument that it was better than the Red Sox-Yankees was. But again: Nobody noticed.

Views are mixed as to whether or not the Cardinals can repeat. On one hand, they have Chris Carpenter this year; on the other, no Scott Rolen. Same with the Astros. Out, Carlos Beltran and Jeff Kent, in Andy Pettitte. Will this be the last series ever at Busch Stadium? Will they re-christen the Astros' stadium "Dick Cheney Field?" And the real question: Can we — that is to say, we, Deadspin's obnoxious royal we — survive another Cardinals playoff series? Last year nearly killed us. It was seriously very close there for a while.


Views of the series from around the Web:

Baseball Prospectus: Astros in seven.
Hardball Times: Astros in seven.
Joe Sheehan: Cardinals in five.
Rob Neyer: Astros in six.
Bill Simmons: Astros in six.
Cool Standings: Cardinals in six.

We would tell you at this point to "enjoy" the games tonight, but there's no way we are going to enjoy any of it: We will be standing in the center of the room, pacing back and forth, yelling things at the television, the wall, the cat, whatever comes in our field of vision. So that'll be us.

Playoffs Tonight [Baseball Musings]

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