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No matter how ludicrous a Mike Lupica rant might be, it's probably best if you don't call him on it a public forum. Especially if you also work for ESPN: The Conglomerate.


At some point during Sunday's edition of "The Sports Reporters"—live on ESPN, from the ESPNZone—Lupica declared that Pete Carroll has "underachieved" at USC, because his teams have only won two national championships in nine years. I'm just going to ignore that lunacy and move on to the point of this post, because college football writer Bruce Feldman handled it much better than I could have:

Mike Lupica sez Pete Carroll's team is "underachieving" >Right, cause Carroll's the one who's been livin off his rep & mailin it in 4 years.


Burn. But did I mention that Feldman also works for ESPN The Magazine? At least he got it temporarily right, since this message magically disappeared from his Twitter feed. Feldman told Michael David Smith that he "figured it was out of line," a sentiment that jibes well with this ominous statement from his bosses at ESPN: "It was inappropriate and we've spoken to Bruce and he completely understands."

Oh, I'm sure he understand. Completely.

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