When you are a stranger who comes into a new town, walks up to the mayor, slaps him in the mouth, hoist his wife over your shoulder and stroll out of town (kicking a couple dogs on the way out), it's safe to say a few of the local words will have some choice words to say about you. It's part of the whole "slap the mayor and take his wife" game; it should theoretically thicken one's skin. Unless you are one of the new Sonics owners.

The Oklahoma crew trying to take the team away, while pleading their (failed) case to have court proceedings about the "move" held in Denver rather than Seattle, said their sensitive virgin eyes have been probed by those nasty, nasty emails.

While arguing their case with the AAA, the Sonics filed papers citing "disturbing fringe elements" surrounding the case, and even claimed the team's lawyers had "received threats and other highly charged communications" after taking the case.

Yes. Highly charged communication. This will happen when you stroll into Seattle and slap the mayor in the mouth while stealing his wife.

Paranoid Bennett Hounded By "Disturbing Fringe Elements" [Supersonics Soul]