Late on in this match in the Albanian Superliga, Flamurtari found itself tied with Teuta, 1-1. In a non-fixed game, you'd expect Teuta to protect their goal and maybe push on for the winner. Instead, we see the shameless display above, with Teuta all but begging their opponents to score, and Flamurtari repeatedly failing until finally getting a goal.

Obviously, somebody was being paid to throw this match. Obviously, fans are upset about this. Here's how one Albanian sports site described the reaction in the stadium, via Google Translate:

The victory achieved in front Teuta (2- 1) did not leave a good taste in the mouths of fans of Vlora. They responded in the stadium "Flamurtari", with their backs turned to the squad while whistling them. Immediately after the game fans on FB official website asked distancing club Flamurtari fans what they called a victory "gift".

Indeed, the Flamurtari fans were righteously pissed, demanding on Facebook a full investigation by authorities to find out if their club was involved in the fix or not, while calling Teuta the shame of Albanian soccer and describing match fixers as "murderers of Albanian soccer." The club eventually met with the fans to assuage their doubts, and made the following statement:

"We got 3 points that did not please us. Neither you nor we are happy with this win because we lost in sporting terms. Flamurtari is not part of any game played outside of the football pitch. The club leaders are against these things. We are ready to replay game."


This whole incident probably isn't as bad as that Indonesian match, but it's close.

Update: The original video got taken down, but we've replaced it with another. It should start when the shenanigans begin, but you can skip back to the beginning of the video to see the full highlights. Curiously, the first hour and change of the match looks to have been played on the up-and-up. Maybe the word to throw it came down late.


Here's another video, this time of the five minutes of stoppage time, to further solidify the fact that Teuta was trying to give the game away:

h/t Aldo