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Please, Let This Be The Death Of NBA-As-Game Of Thrones Foolishness

OK, you guys, seriously, you need to stop doing this. It's been more than a year since everyone decided that it was fun to lazily fist Game of Thrones into the NBA for no other reason than they are both things that people of a certain demographic are aware of, and now all that fuckery has trickled its way down to Bleacher Report and given birth to this... thing.


This is so incredibly stupid and uninspired. It's about as clever as a Jay Leno monologue and is really nothing more than a soulless content creator standing behind a megaphone and yelling, "Hey! You! You're a young hip person who likes prestige television and the NBA, right? Well you gotta come see this thing! It's so funny! No, shut up, don't ask questions! Just look at this fucking thing!" We should all be personally offended by this.

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