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We're far enough away from Arizona not to necessarily have our finger on the pulse of as many issues involving the Buzzsaw that we'd like, but we were heartened to see Matt Leinart totally comfortable with the job-sharing arrangement with Kurt Warner. He seemed happy, anyway, until Yahoo's Michael Silver got him drunk, apparently.

We joke, but certainly, Silver's night out with Leinart revealed more than just "we're happy to be winning" athlete platitudes.

"I just want them to ride or die with me," Leinart said softly of 2-2 Arizona. "If I'm the franchise quarterback, play me and let me stumble, because I'll fight through it, and that will help me and our team in the long run. I know coaches want to win now, and I guess they have their reasons. But I don't understand it, and this switching back and forth is almost worse than getting benched."


We remember when our anonymous Buzzsaw fan in Arizona said "the rising sentiment here is that the guy is kind of a douche." And after the team's biggest win in a decade, when the stadium has been louder than it's ever been, he's in some karaoke bar bitching to a reporter about not playing as much as he'd like. Sigh. Freaking Leinart.

Oh, and Matt: Everyone knows you should have a medium or heavy red wine with steak, not a Sauvignon Blanc.

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