Please Share Your Favorite Hockey Photos

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I believe this with my entire heart and you'll never talk me out of it: No sport looks better than hockey.


Above is a photo from last night's Sens-Islanders game, meaningless in the standings but notable for being the 5,000th hockey game shot by Getty photographer Bruce Bennett in his 39-year career. (He has annotated his 10 favorites.) Bennett is, by all accounts, a nice guy, a talented shooter, and a true hockey fan, and I'd argue that he and his ilk have done as much for the sport as any writer or broadcaster.

In the comments below, I want you to share your favorite hockey photo. It can be historic or aesthetically pleasing or simply have personal meaning, but tell us why you picked it.

(And pick something other than Ray Lussier's famous photo of Bobby Orr, or that's all it'll be.)