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You might as well take his BlackBerry too. Because the White Sox's eccentric manager is having some kind of existential meltdown today and figured he should share.

[Sic]s all around, from @OzzieGuillen:

No matter how hard e is yes keep going and fighting to the end

The best of my life is not hear yet will coming iam a warrior whit a lot hard and marbles

What I can ask ? Nothing keep going to make this better to the people love me

I grow up whit nothing I work all my life great family and good friends health and a lot love

To the pople who care and love me

God grab your neck but never choke

Why so glum, Ozzie? Jake Peavy's injured again, sure, but the White Sox have won their last two. Then again, maybe we have it all wrong. Perhaps this is an appreciation of life's beauty. Note to self: send this to Hallmark, "God grab your neck but never choke. Just like Dustin Hermanson. Happy Father's Day."


Ozzie Guillen [Twitter, h/t Disco Choo]

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