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Poetry In Motion, Inspired By Your Chicago Bears

What does it mean when a dirt bike, a remote, rural location and a fanatical Chicago Bears fan come together to make a video? Um, evidence in a murder trial? Perhaps. But in this particular case it's for the poetry stylings of Matthew Ballard, who, if not technically insane, at least should be limited to riding the bus.

Now, if Maya Angelou recited her works while tooling around a field on a Suzuki RMX, we'd totally be into that.

If you're not impressed with Ballard's Bears poetry, there are other selections for sale on his web site. We reccommend Sox Poem. An excerpt:

With the pitcher on the mound, with the strike zone found, the ball can't be hit, it's in the catcher's mitt. Hear the cheers, White Sox win, it's foam and beers. Astros lose, that's good news.


If this doesn't bring Lil Ronnie out of retirement, nothing will.


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