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Pointless Sunday Gallery: When In Doubt, Lead With Roy Hobbs

Barbecue, La-Z-Boys, dessert, good fathers, seminal moments in pop culture and really, really dreadful fathers. It's the Father's Day edition of Pointless Sunday Gallery. Except this time, it has a point. Sort of?

It's probably the most famous father-son catch scene of all time, even if it's impossible for Roy Hobbs to be so otherworldly at baseball and so terribly uncoordinated to have a catch with his son. (Update: Yeah, I managed to mix up the two movies. My bad. In my defense, it's Sunday.)


Speaking of good fathers, we're on a Damir Dokic kick lately. Remember him? He's the father of Jelena Dokic. He claims that hitting her was "for her sake." He also threatened to bomb the Australian embassy in Belgrade. He was once kicked out of the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadow for arguing that a piece of salmon was overpriced at $10, even though he had a food voucher and he didn't have to pay for the food. Sounds like he belongs at Bethpage Black.

Roy Hobbs, as American as apple pie. Damir Dokic, not so much.


Because it's Sunday, it's Father's Day and that usually means it's the U.S. Open and Tiger's wearing red. And he's winning. Which made us think of Earl. OK, this one might be a bit more pointless.


What do you do on Father's Day? You barbecue. And make burgers and hot dogs. I found this great picture of barbecue chicken nachos, but it wasn't big enough, so gooey hamburger it is.


Slothing on the La-Z-Boy: A Father's Day tradition unlike any other.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin, especially when you're not reading on Father's Day. Back tomorrow.


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