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We haven't had any Anna Benson updates for a while, mainly because her husband is in baseball purgatory in Baltimore, they haven't made a divorce announcement in a few months and her handlers have apparently asked her to slow down on the slaughter of bunnies and other adorable animals.


Mainly, she's been working on her Gold Digger Poker site, and it seems it's paying off. Benson has had considerable success at the World Series of Poker, advancing to at least today's round (we haven't heard more word since then; the WSOP is not so good at the live updates).

Personally, as mentioned, we're not too crazy about considering poker a sport; if ESPN didn't broadcast the WSOP, no one would think of it that way at all. But, when you remember that Benson was suspended for 10 minutes during the tournament last year for cursing, we're glad to see she's improving. Though when she eventually does lose, we will be disappointed if she doesn't take a bite out of the person who eliminates her.

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(UPDATE: As several commenters have noted, Benson "busted" in glorious fashion late yesterday, as captured by the charming fellows at Wicked Chops.)

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