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Police Are Investigating If Several Western Kentucky Football Players Beat Up A Frat Guy

Four Western Kentucky football players are part of a police investigation into who beat up a member of the Pike fraternity on Sunday night, according to TMZ. A police report, released by Bowling Green police, doesn’t say explicitly that four football players took part in the attack but does list unnamed four suspects and mentions the football team several times. The report also has one member of the football team telling an officer that a group went to the frat house that night because some other people, whose names are redacted, had been assaulted on a previous night at a Pike house party.

The report says that the officer arrived at the off-campus house for Pike, whose full name is Pi Kappa Alpha, in response to a call Sunday night reporting a “suspect with a gun” and an assault in progress, according to the report. When he arrived, Officer Tyler Norris didn’t find an assault going on but he did find a person who pointed him toward a Volkswagen Jetta. Inside the Jetta, Norris found several people. Their names are redacted from the police report, making it hard to tell how many people were in the Jetta, but one said he was a member of the football team and he said “he had come to the Pike house with other teammates due to an assault that occurred on the previous night.”


Norris wrote that another officer found a black mask inside the hoodie of one of the men and took it as evidence. Later in the investigation, another Pike member told police that he saw a Snapchat photo of one of the suspects with the caption “Pikes will see me soon,” per the police report.

How exactly the fight started isn’t detailed in the report. The account of the fight come from two people that police interviewed. One, Brandon Johns, said he saw one person “tackle [alumni member Jerald] Armfield through the fence at the rear of the residence and begin to punch and kick him,” according to the report. Johns stepped in to help, he told police, and got a few cuts and bruises. Armfield said he had gone over because a current frat member told him that several football players were outside the frat house trying to fight. Armfield had wanted to “prevent any violence,” the report said. Both Johns and Armfield are listed as victims.


TMZ also got surveillance video of the fight, which show several people beating someone up then walking away.

Security camera footage also showed someone (the name was redacted) putting an item in a styrofoam box before the fight. An officer went to the area and found a “folding box butter style knife” inside the box, according to the report. As reported by TMZ, a team spokesman said: “We are aware of the allegations involving a few members of our football team. We are cooperating fully with the authorities. However, at this time, we have not received a police report and cannot provide further comment.”


The full police report is below.

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