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Lex Luthor, Professor Moriarty, Dr. Doom ... evil super geniuses all. It's time to add two more names to the pantheon of criminal masterminds: Arizona Cardinals fans Ryan Hanlon, left, and Rex Perkin.

On Monday we reported on how Donovan McNabb's off-season Arizona home had been vandalized just before the NFC Championship game; a baffling criminal spree which included the words "Go Cards" being burned into his front lawn with diesel fuel. After an intense investigation, police have captured those responsible.

The Cardinals fans who left diesel fuel messages in the lawn of Donovan McNabb's Chandler home also left something else — a box with a postage sticker that listed the suspect's name and address. The two men, Rex Perkin, 37, and Ryan Hanlon, 28, were arrested Saturday around 6 p.m., for using the fuel to kill the grass in the Philadelphia quarterback's lawn and leave the messages., "Go Cards," "Go Kurt," and "I (heart) AZ."


The two were booked and cited for criminal damage, and two more criminal careers are cut short. The Wet Bandits nod knowingly.

Police: Men Burned Cards Message Into Eagles QB's Lawn [Arizona Republic]

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