Police: Donte Greene Apologized After Getting Tased In The Butt

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Former NBA player Donte Greene was very apologetic after Miami Beach police arrested him on charges of disorderly conduct and battery over the weekend on South Beach. Maybe it's because he says he was defending his little brother, Dmetrique, from St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar. Or it could be because police tased him in the butt to make the fighting stop.

In Dunbar's defense, he told police that he was defending himself from the Greene brothers.


Today, Miami Beach police released the arrest affidavits for all three men — Dunbar, Donte Greene and Dmetrique Greene. According to police, the fight started with a "verbal altercation" (aka, yelling) in front of Club Dream. Club security tried keeping the men apart, but that failed and it turned into one big brawl.

At one point Donte Greene punched Dunbar from behind and then then kept punching Dunbar in the head and neck area, police said. When Greene ignored a police order to stop, he was tased — one prong hit him in the back, the other in the right buttocks.


After that, all the fighting stopped — and Dunbar and Donte Greene tried to explain themselves to the police. Donte Green went into details.

"I am sorry [officer] but this guy has been after me for years since I got into the NBA," Greene said, according to the affidavit. "He was beating my brother, and I had to do what I did."


Greene, a first-round pick in 2008, is currently trying to get back into the NBA via the D-League. He's charged with with battery and disorderly conduct, while his younger brother and Dunbar are charged with disorderly conduct.

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