Police Raid Home Of Man Who Claims He Was Carl Pavano's Lover

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A high school classmate of Twins pitcher Carl Pavano is under investigation for allegedly demanding money from Pavano's family in exchange for not going public with his story—that he and Pavano supposedly had a three-year "emotional and physical" relationship two decades ago. Christian Bedard, of Southington, Conn., hasn't been charged with anything, but the Record-Journal reports that police obtained a warrant to seize his computer earlier this month. Last week, cops seized a laptop and a journal from Bedard's home.

The warrant, which includes a number of Facebook messages apparently sent by Bedard to Pavano's sister, is embedded below. In one message, Bedard claims to have deposed five people who know about his relationship with Pavano. He also says he has $1.2 million book deal ready to go (proposed title: Left Out in Left Field). But he offered Pavano's sister the chance to make it all go away:

"the only way your brother is getting out of this...is with a heart felt apology and a navy range rover with tan leather"


Bedard and Pavano were in the same year at Southington High School, and Bedard reemerged last year sending Facebook and other messages to Pavano's sister. He references "sneaking in the window...every weekend" when they were teenagers, and calls them "racist homophobes" when they deny his requests for money.

Some of the messages are incoherent, others threatening, others leering ("ask him what 'Big Wheeling and Sp ing means...that might jog his memory..."):

"You people are in such denial...when we were 17...we came to a party at your house in new britain...you called your mom who called my mom....who said we had too much...so ya he stopped talking to me when I was 14...the truth is the truth....can't sue me for that... going to come up with another lie to cover the one you just told???? this book was written for me to find closure in my Iife...I apologise for calling you fat....I know you always had an issue with your weight....and for me to say that was just rude...I just want closure in my life and that's only going to come from your brother....you can all dance around it....maybe I was the only guy?...whatever...... I don't care about money....not rich...not poor... I have two beautiful nieces who keep me in check...especially about every princess dress ever made, because uncle christian has bought them all....whats rough is he was my first love...and it was a three yr relationship...obviously underground.... people have told me let it go...things can happen in your life that affect you for the rest of it....I wish this had happened with joe the plumber...some no name...I'm not gaining at all...ya I have serious juicy book offers...to the point that the only way your brother is getting out of this...is with a heart felt apology and a navy range rover with tan leather...if I'm going to drop a 1.2 million dollar book deal I want something..."

"That is my best offer an apology and a land rover and I'll kill the project...best deal in the world because the art is coming back for "left Out in left field" next week....and it's a go....I can gain alot more by publishing...would rather not...."

"I recind that offer...I'm up to 5 depositions of friends who I trusted with the secret of carl and I's relationship....then I called my attorney....the book is the best deal....plus it migh lead to something else....so hate me all you want....it was just a relationship...it's your own homophobia that is killing you...peace.."

"lol...the funny part is I expected your nasty messages...I wouldn't expect anything less from a group of racist homophobes...you brother can deny it to then end... that's exactly what I expected, I have more than enough witnesses and proof...and in the end he's just going to look like a complete liar when the book comes out in late spring...and in the meantime your all going to be thrown under the bus for being exactly what you people are, racist homophobes....no wonder he wound never come clean about it..like a jew living with a bunch of nazi's...it's the 21 century...the general public doesn't take nice to your type..."

"if your brother is having memory loss...remind him how I would sneaking in the window of what is now your grandmothers apartment every weekend...or better yet the time when I think we were sixteen and went to Atlantic city the day after Christmas because your uncle was painting the condo there...and how we were laughing and psyched when your father told us we can take the bed... ask him what "Big Wheeling and "Sp ing" means...that might jog his memory..."

"Ever since I talked to you my phone has been ringing off the hook....seems you have a pyrimad scheme.... I have had people calling me in tears with how much money they lost....well you fuked wrong person... my mom is personal friends with the governor and he calls atleat twice a month....to ask about the political weather in Southington...even better is my mom is really close friends with George Jepsen...and when I call him tomorrow... I'll be providing lots of info...what's even better is my mom's the police commissioner... and their is an open file on you already....do not talk to me about ethics... you rob helpless women of all their money... and dare to say shit to me?... you were always trash...but seriously this was a shock ... "


Pavano's sister says the claims are false, but it appears Bedard has been making them for a while. On a blog post from 2007 referencing Pavano's girlfriend, an anonymous user left a series of comments alluding to a supposed relationship with one of Pavano's male high school classmates. Note the capitalization and overuse of ellipses.

Here's hoping we're close to a time when being a gay athlete isn't a secret that's worth any money.

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