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Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim misidentified his job when pulled over and cited for DUI on July 4, and told police that he “works” with an officer who died four years ago, according to the police report. [Update, see below.]


Keim, who has been Cardinals GM since 2013, was pulled over in the early morning hours last Wednesday for “driving erratically,” according to Chandler (Ariz.) police. The report notes that Keim’s vehicle—which was registered to a local dealership—smelled of alcohol, Keim’s speech was slurred, and his eyes were “bloodshot and watery.” Keim told the officer that he had drank two beers at a friend’s house while eating pizza, and that he couldn’t take a field sobriety test because he has a bad knee.

According to the report, Keim then misidentified his job to the officer, and appears to have tried to name-drop someone he used to know on the force. That didn’t quite work:

Keim then identified himself by name but said he was “the director of security for the Arizona Cardinals,” according to the report. Keim then told the officer he “works with Sean McKenzie.” However, the officer noted that “the only Officer Sean McKenzie I know was killed in an off duty vehicle collision and I believed he was referencing him.” McKenzie died in an off-duty motorcycle accident in 2014, according to multiple reports.


Update, 5:15 p.m. Chandler Police have put out this statement.

Keim was processed and released that same night—his blood alcohol level was tested but the result has not yet been made public—and immediately reported the arrest to the Cardinals. In a statement, the team called Keim’s behavior “unacceptable and inexcusable.” Keim, in his own statement, apologized for his “incredibly poor judgment and inexcusable actions.”

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