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Police Reports: Woman Hired To Host LeSean McCoy "Family Barbeque" Claimed Someone Absconded With $50,000 Worth Of Her Jewelry

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In 2015, according to police reports, a woman went to police in New Jersey saying that LeSean McCoy had hired her to help him host a party but that, when she arrived, it ended up being more of a family barbecue—and afterward McCoy refused to pay. The woman also told police that she was forced to leave behind thousands of dollars in jewelry at McCoy’s home, and later added that she suspected that McCoy just wanted to have sex with her. The exact date of the party isn’t given, but lines up with the 2015 party that McCoy advertised on his Instagram as being “females only.” (The police reports were first published by the Washington Post.)


McCoy told police that he believed that the woman got back all her jewelry before leaving, according to the reports. Police eventually closed the investigation when the woman, whose name was redacted from the report, didn’t provide them with a list of the jewelry she was missing. Earlier this week, someone entered the home of McCoy’s ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, and beat her up while demanding jewelry; Cordon told police she believed McCoy was behind the attack, which McCoy denies.

Here’s how the 2015 police investigation unfolded, based on the department’s reports.

The woman arrived at the police station shortly after 3 a.m. on July 27. She told police that she had been hired to host a house party with McCoy at his home and, in return, she would be paid $6,000, according to the reports. The woman flew to McCoy’s home in New Jersey but, when she arrived, she was told that the larger party was canceled and instead she would be there for some type of gathering at his home. At the time, McCoy was out getting food. She went into his bedroom and changed clothes for the gathering, she told police, leaving her other clothes and jewelry in that room.


Another detective called the woman on Aug. 6, according to the records. That narrative went into more detail about what the woman said McCoy had agreed to pay her. She told the detective that, when McCoy first reached out, she told him that she already had several engagements booked. McCoy said he would “buy her out of her existing engagement contracts in the amount of $6,00o to $6,500,” pay her $5,000 for the event, and cover the cost of plane tickets to the event and then back home, according to the reports.

But when the gathering started, it looked to the woman like “a family barbeque” and she told police that this was not she she had “signed up for,” she told police.


The woman gave the detective some of her recordings. As described in one report, one video showed a man refusing the let the woman past him while she asks to get her things. Another showed someone carrying purple luggage down a staircase. The woman told police that her missing jewelry was worth about $50,000 and that she would provide a list of what exactly was gone.


On Aug. 20, the detective wrote that he wasn’t able to get back in contact with the woman over the phone but she was responding to text messages. She still had not given the detective a list of her missing jewelry, but she did provide copies of text messages related to the party. The detective wrote that the messages weren’t helpful because they mostly were from before the party and not about the missing jewelry.

That same day, the detective called McCoy, who denied knowing anything about missing jewelry and said he believed that the woman had retrieved all her jewels before leaving. The detective also spoke with another woman, whose name also was redacted, who said that McCoy had asked her about setting him up “in a dating capacity” with the woman who eventually came to the party. That person put McCoy in touch with the woman he hired, she said. This person told police that the woman got upset because “McCoy was not paying her any attention” and was blocked from entering the bedroom because she was acting “crazy.” But, this person said, the woman was eventually allowed into the bedroom to get her things. She also believed that the woman was making up the story about the stolen jewelry.


On Sept. 4, police contacted the woman who said that the person who had sent McCoy to her was lying to police help McCoy cover up what happened. She said that was because that person was paid by McCoy “to supply him with celebrity industry girls to have sex with” and she believed that was why McCoy expected “sexual favors” from her at the party, according to the reports.


The police never got that itemized list, per to the reports, and on Nov. 10 closed the case because the woman “failed to provide me with an itemized list of items missing.”


The full police reports are below.

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