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Policeman Guides Downhill Skateboarder Right Into The Hood Of A Cop Car

Image: @swarmlife/Instagram

Skateboarders congregated at San Francisco’s Dolores Park in the Mission Tuesday to race down the street, but it wasn’t too long before police showed up.


San Francisco PD parked a car at the bottom of the hill to try and deter skaters. One unfortunate soul skated right into the front of the vehicle after being blocked by a cop, who pulled a move reminiscent of Mike Tomlin’s. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the skater was taken to a hospital.

An alternate angle:


Additionally, Thrasher magazine editor Jake Phelps took a rough spill on his own. His tumble’s 10 seconds into this video:


Phelps remained on the ground and received medical attention:


The Chronicle wrote that one officer was injured in the standoff, although no arrests were reported. The police ceded ground around 9 p.m. local time after they felt everything was under control.


H/t to @RMac18

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