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Diminutive, exploiter of dying old men-novelist and Detroit Free Press "columnist" Mitch Albom jumped up on a stack of a phone books in order to impart some moral judgment about sad recruitment faker Kevin Hart. Albom, pumped full of rock star ego thanks to Oprah Winfrey's fanbase embracing him like their personalized pookie doll, says the Hart situation casts an unflattering light upon society.

I always find it startling that Albom stil has a job, but equally baffling is how the Free Press still lets him sit in harsh judgment of others, considering the fact that he's stepped on so many people for the sake of his own self-interest for a good portion of his career.


But Mitch Albom obviously is hypersensitive to these types of things. He feels things differnetly than others. He does. He's an angel sent down from heaven disguised a 50-year-old man who dreses like a 12-year-old boy.

God, I just want to flush him down the toilet.

In this hoax, maybe the joke is on us [Free Press]

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