Washington 28, Dallas 18:
This, I am convinced, is Tony Romo's favorite play. I think his palms get a little sweatier when he hears it called in. Look at the dedication. The grace. He wants to sell you that botched snap. He wants to sell it to you so...bad.

The game was a wild one and close almost all night until Alfred Morris seemingly broke the Cowboys back—as he had all night for 200 yards and three touchdowns—on a cutback run with just over 10 minutes left. He ran 32 yards to the endzone and gave the Redskins a two-score lead at 21-10. Then a funny thing happened: Dwayne Harris returned a Sav Rocca punt 39 yards and Rocca decided to separate Dwayne Harris's head from his body. Fifteen yards later, the Cowboys were on the Redskins 16 and moving. Romo eventually found Kevin Ogletree in the endzone with 5:50 remaining. The two point conversion to Dwayne Harris was successful, bringing the Cowboys within three at 21-18.

And then an even funnier thing happened. After a quick Washington possession that ended in a 13-yard sack of Griffin III, forcing a punt, the Tony Romo we all know and love showed up. And Tony did not disappoint. He delivered his third interception of the night right into the hands of Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson. The Redskins would eventually add another touchdown—Morris's third of the night to go up 10 and effectively end the game with little over a minute left. The Redskins have won seven straight and will host the Seahawks next week.

This Dallas fan was happy to troll the home crowd early in the game after a would-be delay of game call that went uncalled. He shows the appropriate balance of "boy, we got away with one" and "I don't care, I'm gonna fuck with them anyway" to make this a good time. Then he sticks his tongue out like a weirdo. Then the Cowboys continued to play. Bummer.


Here's a fun little stiff arm on the Dallas kicker from Niles Paul on a return following the Ogletree touchdown.

And finally, here's a big helmet to helmet hit that freed up Dwayne Harris for a 25-yard third down conversion at the very beginning of the second quarter. The drive would later end with a goofy-looking 9-yard pass to Witten for a touchdown.


Oh shit, I forgot distraught Jerry Jones! I cannot believe I did that. Many apologies. Won't happen again.