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Poor UConn Just Can't Catch A Break

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UConn head coach Jim Calhoun certainly was at his whiny best last night, which is odd, considering that Washington was hit with 33 fouls, while UConn had just 20. I'd go so far as to say that he was behaving like Jim Boeheim... if Jim Boeheim was a 10-year-old Girl Scout who couldn't sell any of her Lemon Pastry Cremes.

And then Calhoun had this to say after the game, about the impending match-up with George Mason:

"I just hope we have enough time to recover. It's going to be nice playing an away game, too. I'm really looking forward to that. That pod system is really working out to protect the 1s, right?"


Just a couple of questions. 1) Is he serious? And 2) Where does he shop for panties? What a crybaby. You're a 1-seed playing an 11-seed, and you're looking for some protection? That's like Tiger Woods asking for two strokes a side playing 18 against Charles Barkley. I think Pat Summitt could take him in a fistfight.

Go. Mason.

George Mason 63, Wichita State 55 []

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