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Tired of parents attacking youth sports coaches? Here's a refreshing reversal - a coach assaulting a parent. Oh wait, that's not refreshing. That's still criminal and digusting.


This gentleman is Michael VonKahle, and he really needs to start being more punctual about bringing his 12-year-old to his Pop Warner football practice. When they were late last Friday (it apparently hadn't been the first time), coach William Reynolds made the kid run laps. Then, this:

In his statement to police, VonKahle, 48, said he responded to Reynolds by saying, "If anybody needs to run laps, it should be you, you fat bastard."


Later on in the evening, Reynolds approached VonKahle in the bleachers and asked if they could discuss the matter further. They went to a secluded wooded area, and nothing good happens in secluded wooded areas.

Let's play he said/he said:

That's where, according to VonKahle, Reynolds immediately tossed off his jacket and threw a punch at him, hitting him in the face.

But according to Reynolds, VonKahle threw his own jacket around Reynolds' head and began punching him on the side of the head. Reynolds said he took the jacket off his head and returned punches, and after a brief slew of blows, said to VonKahle, "We had enough?" VonKahle responded "Yeah," according to Reynolds.

VonKahle suffered a fractured eye socket, broken nose and torn rotator cuff (which perhaps lends credence to him throwing a punch), and Reynolds was charged with aggravated assault and battery.

Bet that kid shows up on time next week.

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