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Portis Becomes Depressingly Self-Questioning

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Ladies and gentleman, we present to you, after a one-week hiatus for Thanksgiving, Redskins running back Clinton Portis' newest creation: "Reverend Gonna Change," with those pretty crazy teeth and hair and the whole thing. On our scale, this ranks above "Dollah Bill" but behind "Dr. I-Don't-Know." You can watch the full video of Portis' press conference; we love how the DC media's keeps trying to ask serious questions of the man in the striped wig.

That said, the whole enterprise somehow felt less joyful this time; even Portis doesn't seem that into it. That's probably because the Redskins' season is falling apart, and Portis admitted as much. "I felt this wasn't the time in the season to do it, but one person said we needed something positive and to keep morale up. This week is now or never. We don't win and our season goes tumbling down."


In other words, if the Redskins keep losing, Portis likely won't dress up anymore. Hence, "Reverend Gonna Change." We think, if we just explained it to them nicely, we could get the Rams to tank it Sunday. They'd understand.

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