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We've witnessed the newest Clinton Portis character, and we have to say, even though the costume leaves much to be desired, it might be our favorite one yet.

Introducing "Coach Janky Spanky," the guy who didn't get the defensive coordinator job that Gregg Williams just received an extension for. The costume is simple: Headset, whistle, padded gut. But to really understand the quiet brilliance of what Portis is doing here, you have to watch the whole video. (Kudos, by the way, to, which has to be the best free official team site in the NFL.) Portis, essentially, off the cuff, starts drawing up "plays" on his clipboard, a random smattering of scribbles and scratch marks that he, hysterically, keeps referring to as "blitz packages." It's, weirdly, almost a satire of coaching in general, and it all appears improvised.

We're talking about an All-Pro running back, doing improv satire. We will say this one more time: How can you not be rooting for the Redskins to go as far into the playoffs as possible?

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