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Possible Reasons Why One Would Spend $315 On The New LeBron James Nikes

Maybe you've heard that Nike is releasing its new LeBron James-inspired shoes this fall, called the Nike LeBron X. The top-of-the-line pair will cost $315, which is approximately $275 more than I typically like spending on a pair of sneakers, but that's fine. I figure some folks out there will be happy to plunk down $315 for a pair. This is who I've got so far:


1. You have money to burn. Like, for fun. But instead of doing your daily money-burning ritual, you figure you might as well get a pair of sweet kicks out of it for once. Good call.

2. You have been dying to know what your vertical leap is, since that's what you're paying an extra $135 for, to get that awesome new Nike+ functionality that tells you how high you jump. Smart thinking, you red-blooded American consumer. Phil Knight sends his regards.

3. You are LeBron James (but then you'd most likely get these comped, so this one really doesn't count).

There are no other legitimate, rational reasons for buying sneakers that cost $315, as far as I can tell. If you're one of these lucky few, hope the LeBron X experience goes well for you.



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