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Post Super Bowl Crime Blotter Surprisingly Tame

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New Orleans mostly behaved itself Sunday evening. Just a stabbing, a sole incidence of celebratory gunfire into a crowd, and a single escaped prisoner that they didn't bother to track down until after the game.

You all saw what the French Quarter looked like after the Saints won. So it's to be expected that there were some shenanigans. Three people were shot and wounded around midnight on Bourbon Street, as someone fired into a crowd of people. A Deadspin operative on the ground tells us that it's common knowledge in the Crescent City that it was a celebration gone wrong.

There was only one other violent incident reported: a stabbing on, you guessed it, Bourbon Street. But that's not bad for New Orleans, a city so brought together by the Saints that the three hours of the Super Bowl were the first recorded felony-less hours in history.*


Not for a lack of trying, though. Around 3 p.m., an inmate scaled a fence and escaped from the Orleans Parish jail. They would have chased him down, know...the game. But don't you worry, they got him back on Monday. Afternoon. After the hangovers wore off.

*Fact may be wholly invented by the author.

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