Powerful Republican Hates You

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Even a cursory examination of the facts makes it impossible to reach any conclusion other than that the Republican Party takes inordinate pleasure in making your life worse. Take Virginia Foxx, for example.

Foxx, a Republican Congressperson from North Carolina, has been named the new head of the House education and workforce committee. This committee oversees a few things of importance, such as all of our nation’s education programs, pensions, retirement programs, job training, wages, workplace discrimination, and other labor issues—basically anything that involves learning how to get a job or having a job or what a job does for you or to you. Little things like that.

So what is on the agenda of Foxx, the elderly Republican—famous for voting against Hurricane Katrina relief money and for stating in 2007 that “We have the best economy that we have had in 50 years”—who is now overseeing the laws governing your entire professional life?

  • In an interview with Reuters this week, Foxx said that “Organized labor has ‘sort of lost its reason for being’ because of the many laws in place to protect workers.”
  • Her stated top priority is rolling back the Labor Department’s overtime rule. This would ensure that millions of Americans are paid less money.
  • She also wants to roll back the NLRB’s joint employer standard, which allowed fast food workers to target McDonald’s corporation directly. This would ensure that millions of Americans are paid less money.

The Republican Party, which proudly boasts of its plan to take away your health care coverage, has empowered to oversee your workplace someone who wants to ensure that you are paid less money and have no group to protect your interests. This is called, uh.............................populism?