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Premiership Title Gift-Wrapped For Manchester United

Manchester United clinched the Premiership title this afternoon, on a day when they were not playing, their head coach was on the golf course, and two other teams tied.

I like the idea of awarding the title to the team that proves themselves the best through the entire season, but ... that's just about the perfect recipe for anticlimactic finish. Chelsea vs. Arsenal was a nice game, sure, but that's no way to cap a season. Now Wednesday's United vs. Chelsea clash has all the intrigue of the Pro Bowl.


So, this brings to an end Chelsea's expensive two-year reign as Premiership champions, and puts the title back in the hands of ... well, another team in the elite tax bracket. The two teams do play on the 19th with the FA Cup in the balance, so there's that to look forward to.

Chelsea draw Arsenal to hand title to United []

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