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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

There are no concrete answers as to why Auburn University alum "Spirit" flew into a window at this past weekend's game against Mississippi State. As such, Harvey Updyke Jr. could have slipped it a roofie, but that would be treasonous, would it not?

The money shot comes at the 0:19 mark.

"We don't know why Spirit made contact with the window, or what he saw and what he didn't see," said raptor specialist Marianne Hudson. These were tenuous days for Alabama's raptor specialists as a result.

"I wish he could tell me what he saw or what he was thinking. The windows are reflective so I think that's just a hypothesis, but we'll never know for sure," said Jamie Bellah, Director of the Southeastern Raptor Center.

After taking a plunge into the glass window, Spirit gathered himself and continued his flight to midfield. "Birds are only coming to us on the field for food. We reward them for their flight," said Hudson.

Once spirit was safely on the ground, he was immediately x-rayed for broken bones.

"Because he continued to fly down to the field, we wanted to make sure his bones were okay, and to make sure he didn't have severe injuries," said Bellah.


AU's "Spirit" is back in action after crashing into window [WLTZ] (H/T Christopher P.)

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