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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The headline on is "Papa John's founder John Schnatter feeds me pizza." Then things get really stupid.


Lynn Hoppes is's senior director of Page 2 and commentary, in which capacity he has been filing small-bore dispatches from Miami in advance of the Super bowl. Dispatches like this one, which I'll just go ahead and quote in full:

I hate pizza.

That's not a secret to those who know me.

But I told Papa John's founder John Schnatter that.

He was walking around the Super Bowl media workroom passing out slices for live television shows.

When I told him the news that I wasn't interested, he stood there, gave a big smile and then did his damndest to convince me to try a piece.

"Pizza is nutritious. It has all natural ingredients. And it's delicious," said Schnatter, who created Papa John's from the ground up in 1984.

I know everyone loves pizza.

I know Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the pizza industry, with more than 30 million pizza slices consumed while watching the game.

I know that 93 percent of Americans eat a slice of pizza at least once a month.

"I still eat pizza three or four times a week," Schnatter said. "I'm just passionate about the product."

But not me.

So I tried a piece.

I'm not saying I love pizza now.

But hate is probably too strong of a word.

Now, everyone knows the Super Bowl is where good journalism goes to die. (I believe it's buried somewhere in the cleavage of the correspondent from TV Azteca.) But this one — in its mixture of indifferent prose, trifling subject matter, and unabashed corporate shilling — is truly singular in its awfulness. Hoppes travels from "I hate pizza" to "But hate is probably too strong of a word" in just a few sponsor-friendly lines — 14 of them, to be exact, as if he were composing a sonnet to bad journalism.


Papa John's founder John Schnatter feeds me pizza []

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