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Presenting Your Stars Of All

We have a hard time working ourselves up about the selections for the All-Star Game, mainly because — "this time it counts!" aside — the game has often lost interest by the fourth inning or so. We would love to fall into a it ain't what it used to be party line on the All-Star Game, because we do remember enjoying it a lot more when we were kids. But we think that was for the same reason we loved shiny objects and open flame; we were just a lot easier to impress when we were eight.

So yeah: The All-Star game will be an overdone event that we'll watch if just because it's the only sporting event on over a three-day stretch, and our lives are empty enough that three days without sports sends us into a vat of despair and longing for diversion. But as for the game itself, or the "snubs" — we can't find a single All-Star game story that doesn't mention the word "snubs," by the way — we just can't summon up much righteous indignation.


We do, however, love that the Kansas City Royals' Mark Redman is on the team. Far be it from us to make fun of a team that just took two out of three from our Birds at Busch, but Mark Redman has to take this year's Lance Carter award. We absolutely cannot wait to see him pitch; think we can eliminate the middle man and just have him throw the Home Run Derby? We didn't mean to pile on by showing a picture of Redman after someone's hit a homer off him, but, honestly, we had a difficult time finding one that didn't.

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