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Presidents Cup Streaker: "I Wanted To Add A Little Excitement To Golf"

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Stephanie Wei, at Wei Under Par, interviewed the Presidents Cup streaker and got her—Kimberly Webster is her name, by the way—to give a play-by-play of sorts of her mostly-nude sprint.


Webster was working as a temporary caterer in a hospitality tent in the Memorial Pavilion at Muirfield, just off the 17th hole, so she had easy access to the course. She bought her nip-stickers at Wal-Mart on Saturday and then pondered the endeavor in her grandmother's home, with whom she is staying and caring for. Clearly, she decided to streak on Sunday.

“I wanted to add a little excitement to golf because everyone seemed kind of depressed and like they weren’t having fun because of the weather. I hadn’t been to a lot of sporting events…I just thought it would be interesting to try something like this.

“The top streakers of all time were all men, so I decided I wanted to change that…It was golf — it’s quiet and boring — and it was to make the top streakers of all time (as a woman).”

I never quite thought of it that way, but yes, the pantheon of streaking does seem to be dong heavy. Good on Webster for trying to level the playing field.

Originally she wanted to streak in front of Tiger, because if you're going to streak it should be in front of Tiger Woods. But she wasn't sure if he would make it to her position at 17. So she decided to have a go at Steve Stricker. Because "streaking for Stricker" had a ring to it. But then Stricker teed off at 17 before she got a chance to strip and run, so she had to audible.

She blended into the crowd and waited between a group of guys by the crosswalk from the 17th green to the 18th tee. While she waited, she suddenly realized what she was about to do and just told herself to go for it, so she dropped her pants, ripped open the rain jacket and just took off running.

Since her original plan for 17 had been foiled and she had to sprint from the 17th to the 18th, she ran out of breath — which is why she finds it so amusing how everyone has commented on how her quick stride — and couldn’t run up the entire 18th hole, so she just dodged into the woods.

We initially thought she made a clean getaway, but the cops did eventually track her down. they thought she was drunk or stoned, but she was just high on patriotism and golf played in Ohio. She was only fined $99 and was even allowed to go back to course to get her clothes.

But first she had to get there. So the cops gave her a sheet and she made a toga out of it and headed back to the course. Here she is in the Dublin PD bathroom:


Oh yeah, she's on Twitter now, too.

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