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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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So you know the gruesome Jets draft video from yesterday? Well, to make sure the Jets have no more draft disasters, they're bringing in the big guns ... they're bringing in Larry David.


Sports Illustrated just confirmed something relayed to us last year by a New York Jets assistant: Larry David is in regular communication with Jets brass and staff, relaying advice, especially at draft time. Now, David will soon dine with Jets GM, Scouting Director and even head coach Eric Mangini with his draft advice. This is no joke. Apparently David reads all the scouting reports, watches game film, breaks it down. Last year he begged the Jets to take Vince Young, who had a remarkable rookie year, despite our shouting that his Wonderlic proved he'd never navigate complicated NFL defensive schemes.

We have no particular problem with this; personally, we'd love to see pregame pep speeches from Jeff's wife Susie. Every time we hear her speak, we feel a foot shorter. This is not a complaint.

Larry David, New York Jets Consigliere? [Sports Review Magazine]

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