Alabama vs. Florida at Atlanta, GA. So Urban Meyer says Percy Harvin isn't gonna play (he's being listed as doubtful, which, really, means nothing). And the doctor said it wasn't contagious. At least it wasn't before I started picking it. Alabama has been blowing teams off the ball all season, and the Gators have scored over the past month virtually at will. This one's going the distance, and Alabama, who has trouble finishing teams in the second half, might see their season go down the tubes if they can't take care of business tonight.

Washington at Cal. Washington is 0-11. Cal is not. Bon voyage, senor Willingham.

Southern Cal at UCLA. Leave your white jerseys at home. Rick Neuheisel will get his first shot at dethroning Pete Carroll as king of Los Angeles football. Rick probably doesn't have the weapons to take Pete on just yet, but it should be a trippy game either way, man.