There's apparently a new trend surfacing in the privileged life of professional athletes: the crappy off-season, low-paying internship. Sure, plenty of athletes over the years have prepared themselves for a life after sports by exploring other opportunities. Many have not.

Sean Avery made national news for his Vogue summer internship. Now, Dan Steinberg and his effervescent Bog shines its spotlight on Redskins' defensive lineman, Demetric Evans, who's also taking some time this summer to learn normal-people skills: at a D.C. car dealership.

His first few days have included tutorials on the dealership's workflow, distribution of labor and management principles, mostly in one-on-one sessions with the general manager, which would be his first interaction with one of them in a while. Thursday, he'll start spending a day in each department, beginning with the repair shop.

Although he says in the story that this isn't just a front to get himself a sweet ride with dealer plates, it does seem a little suspicious. At what point do organizations begin to realize that there are free PR benefits from hiring a professional athlete as an "intern" if it gets them a lot of free publicity? As much as it appears Evans has only good intentions, we're sure this is something that will be exploited at some point by some enterprising business looking for able-bodied defensive tackles to work the copy machine.

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