The Colorado Rockies have a rather serious opportunity to clinch their first trip to the World Series in their history tonight โ€” their "history" being what it is โ€” and it should happen about 1:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. We cannot imagine how cold it's going to be, and we know playoff cold.

The game is starting at 10 p.m. on TBS, and because the network is only showing the NLCS games, tonight might be your last chance to watch those Frank TV advertisements. Boy, do we ever know what we're tuning in to come November!

On the whole, this is the type of series that makes Jayson Stark's head explode, which is always entertaining. (We like Stark, actually, though we still miss the mustache.) The man trying to send the Rockies to baseball's grandest stage is Franklin Morales, a man who has been able to legally drink for nine months. He faces the world's greatest hitting pitcher, Micah Owings. Perhaps it's best for everyone if this series finishes up tonight; it might just make everyone a little easier, and help everybody โ€” including those idiots writing baseball columns every night before waking up at 7 to run a sports Web site โ€” sneak in a little more sleep.