Producer Fired Over “Ho Lee Fuk” Prank Says His Reputation Is “Intack”

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That incredible prank that snookered a Bay Area television station into reporting names like "Sum Ting Wong" and "Ho Lee Fuk" as the flight crew of that downed Asiana airplane? It cost three producers at KTVU in the Bay Area their jobs. TheWrap reached out to all three. One of them responded.

This is what investigative projects producer Roland De Wolk wrote back in an email:

"My hard-earned reputation is intack. There are lawyers, so eager as I am to anser all questions, I must refrain."


TheWrap added that it "presumes the spelling errors were unintentional." Let's cut De Wolk some slack and give him some credit here. Under the circumstances, he didn't have to anser at all, let alone in such a tackfull manner.