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Professional Sports Reaches Its Apogee: Drunken Little Person Berates Red Sox Fan

What's the only thing better than an intoxicated Rays fan — who happens to be a little person — threatening to fight a fat Red Sox fan? When somebody catches it on video.

Shortgoria, as he's been dubbed (possibly due to his Longoria t-shirt and his being short), appears to be the instigator here, despite the video's allegation of pre-filming shenanigans. I'll believe that, as a 20 oz draft is probably enough to put him on his ass.

So, you know, no one wins here. Shortgoria is pigeonholed as your typical drunken angry midget, and Sox fan can't do a thing other than talk, because, what the hell's he supposed to do? Punch the guy?


I take that back. We all win.

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