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PSU Students Will Be Able To Indulge In Their Heartbreak At Tonight's Drake Show

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It is a proven equation by now that when distraught college students face difficult times, they turn to cheap liquor or light beer and music by Drake.

Sometimes, they also order Domino's cheesy bread. Always, though, there is music by Drake. There really is no better musical symbol of Millennial angst than the former child actor from Toronto who recently rapped that he's "having a hard time adjusting to fame."

Aren't we all, Penn State? And so it is fitting that Drake is playing State College tonight. After last night's sweatpants riots, it seemed possible that the concert would be canceled, but the Collegian reports today that the show will go on at PSU's Bryce Jordan Center. Drake himself tweeted [sic'd] that "despite all that is occuring on campus, he "cannot wait to be part of the GREATNESS that is Penn State tmrw." Interesting choice of words, but I guess he is trying to sell tickets.


A PSU sophomore told the Collegian that he's excited about the show because Drake "goes hard" (debatable, but this is coming from a group of people who used a defenseless news van to express their rage), and another said that he'd seen a female student crying "because she didn't think she was going to get a ticket."

"Some people get pretty emotional over Drake I guess," the male student said.

They also get pretty emotional over the defense of incompetent, morally complicit old relics like Joe Paterno. This show's going to have the atmosphere of a "We Are The World" singalong.

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