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During the adorable "wind delay" today at the British Open, a time-filling Scott Van Pelt was forced to remark-without-actually-remarking on a man just mindin' his own business, tryin' to drain the main vein.

So who is the Mystery Pisser? I-Team, assemble!

Big ups to Ryan for finding video.


UPDATE: Reader Jennifer sends along this somewhat definitive answer:

I watched all day and can confidently say that the mystery pisser is 100% Hunter Mahan! He did what he had to do...I mean he could have gotten Uromysitisis poisoning and died! Hope this helps!

She immediately retracted:

Yeah...about that 100%...upon closer inspection, definitely Siem. But the Uromysitisis bit still applies. That is all, carry on!


Make up your mind, Jennifer! Everyone else: Find the pisser.

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