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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We are actually big fans of Baloncesto Superior Nacional, the Puerto Rican professional basketball league that's become somewhat of a summer league stop-over for sub-NBA pro ballers. (Games are aired live on local TV here in St. Petersburg.) Last night's Humacao-Carolina vs. Ponce game, though, got ugly—and the players on the court had little to do with it.

Ponce was down by nine at home when former Oregon Duck Carlos Emory fouled Vanderbilt alum and current Humacao player Derrick Byars hard on a drive to the basket. It earned a flagrant foul, but as Byars approached the line to take his free throws, a disruption was pointed out in the stands behind the basket.


That disruption would last nearly ten minutes, with several individuals removed from Auditorio Juan Pachín Vicéns by police. Humacao star Bimbo Carmona attempted in vain to settle down some of the individuals, identified by announcers as various family members. Little kids with Thunderstix scattered, either to escape the disturbance or to take advantage of their parents being distracted to run out onto the court.

Things eventually settled down, and Humacao won by 20. Ponce stays atop the BSN standings with a 21-10 record, thanks mostly to star Mike Harris. You last saw him playing for the Rockets.

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