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Punchy Bros Take To The Street As The Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Blackhawks celebration brawl." Tonight's reviewer: A little bit of context for said brawl.

The Blackhawks momentous victory over the Bruins last night was one that drove people to joy and others to pain. It drove these Chicagbros to fight in the street. Uploader didn't say where it was. My guess is Wrigleyville. Because Wrigleyville.

The two-goal whammy was enough to warrant breaking TNF form this week, though. Enjoy.


And now, the reviewed fight of the week:

"Crazy Fight Indian Street." Tonight's commentator: my longtime Indian friend who'd prefer to go by "Lebrondhi" for TNF cultural-explanation purposes. (Coming next week: the aforementioned genre-altering lady street-fight in Boston.)

India still tends to have an old world view on adultery, meaning it is okay for the husband to cheat on the wife, but not vice versa. It has been slowly evolving, but it's still seen as an accepted part of marriage in many instances.

So, it is likely that the husband here did not see cheating on his wife as a big deal and did not think it would cause the reaction that it got from her family.

That being said, Indian families also tend to be very close and very protective of siblings, hence the family of the wife going after the husband.

It's a weird dichotomy, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if the members of the wife's family who went after the husband cheated on their wives as well (if they were married).

Kind of like hypocritical NIMBY attitude on it.

And now, the rest of the Tuesday Night Fights:

• There is so very much going on in this "Knockout by Gays Gang" live look-in. But, the action at around the 1:18 mark is just fabulous. Picks back up around the 4:19 mark, too. (Start of Violence, 0:27)


• Front seat for racing competition you sit in. NIE! Front seat for racing competition I sit in. We fight for this now, tak? TAK! (SoV, 0:11)

• Listen, I was way skeptical of "Worlds most craziest ghetto fight!" when I saw it listed on Monday afternoon. Something about the apartments and golf cart spoke to non-ghetto sensibilities. It didn't take long to see what it was titled as such. (SoV, 0:17; First Gun Reference, 3:06)



• The Kenny Chesney Show At Heinz Field Opening-Act Recap:

• Ayo, the Brockton (Mass.) Mall Popeye's was crackalackin' the other night. (SoV, 0:02)


• Some sheriff's deputies down in South Carolina want people to narc on the folks in this here "brutal" dust-up. Some sheriff's deputies down in South Carolina must get some kickbacks from the jawn where snitches get they stitches and the jawn where they blur out fight breastuses. (SoV, 0:10)

• "Fat Bitch" vs. "Skinny Girl." Who ya got? (SoV, instantly)

• The Requisite Alabama Waffle House Brawl Intermezzbro (Brought to you by WORLDSTAR):

• Annette had the unfair crowd-connecting advantage of having her name on her shirt, looks like. (SoV, 0:05)


• Yes, the proper reaction to witnessing any stick-involved instances of road rage is staying put and declaring that you will, in fact, submit your film for Worldstar consideration. (SoV, 0:11)

• Same goes for ragin' in the road without stick involvement. (SoV, 0:04)

• Your "Why You Shouldn't Get Hopped Up On Crystal" Life-Lesson Intermission Report (w/Post-Scrap Interview):

• Things have picked back up in the birthplace of America, what with these two lovely ladies scrappin' in the streets of North Philadelphia (SoV, instantly). Bonus Coverage I: Well, what do you know, another North Philly lady streetfight (SoV, 0:43). Bonus Coverage II: So, yeah, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers got into a scrap with security for the Rolling Stones outside the Four Seasons the other day (SoV, 0:12). Bonus Coverage III: The playful "Two rican fighting over scrap" (SoV, instantly).


• TNF's Beijing Correspondent Anthony Tao presents "Three Detained In France For Beating Up Chinese Students, Four Detained In China For Beating Up Frenchman" (SoV, instantly).

• Russian boys fight. Russian boys show no sign of weakness. Russian boys strong (SoV, instantly). Related: Greek boys not strong (SoV, meh). Related: Should've been you, Kutcher (SoV, 1:11).


• Your Saturday Night Live Look-In At Main Street, Huntington Beach (Complete With H.B. Extras):

• This is called "nepali student Leader With Alcohol on the street fight," but you'll have to trust in the YouTube enabler who shared this with the Western World. (S0V, 0:19)


• Northern Cali carney fight. Well, fair attendees is more like it. (SoV, instantly)

• Have we ever seen this "Chinese Street Fight in Paris" jawn? Not positive. But not worth passing up either way. (SoV, instantly)


• Others: "Kylie & Sliim Street Brawl." "Several injured in brawl on Viejas Reservation - June 19, 2013." "jess and rikki FIGHT." "Beatdown at club." "Ghetto kitchen beatdown Fight." "The Street Fight that you must see 'G town Crew' vs 'W Town Crew' (Part 1)." "Girls brawl in Seattle." "Girls in knock down brawl."

• Your "Fat Girls Fighting For A Coney Dog" Guilt-Trip Coda:

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