Punk-Ass Snitches Who Ratted Out Tiger Woods Identified

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Thanks to Golf.com, we now know who was responsible for calling the PGA and snitching on Tiger Woods after watching him take an illegal drop 0n the 15th fairway at this year's Masters tournament. The culprits? Champions tour golfer David Eger and Jim Nantz. Of fucking course it was Jim Nantz.

You can try reading the entire breakdown of how Eger and Nantz went about alerting the PGA to Woods's transgression, but there is no reason that you should put yourself through that. The article is long and reads like the plot summary to the world's most boring episode of 24. Seriously, just try to get through this bit of text without falling asleep:

Eger described the drop to Bradley. Their call ended, and Eger sent Bradley a text message about it as well.

Bradley immediately called Ridley and Russell, the veteran PGA Tour administrator who is on the three-man Masters competition committee that is chaired by Ridley, a former U.S. Amateur champion and USGA president. Bradley also forwarded Eger's text to Russell and Ridley. In his text, Eger wrote that Woods "didn't appear to play by Rule 26-1-a." He wrote that he "appeared to be 3-4 feet back" from his divot mark.

Bradley forwarded Eger's text message at 6:59 p.m.

Tiger was still on the course.

Bradley drove to his rental house, concerned about whether Russell and Ridley would have time to review the drop before Woods left the scorer's room having signed his card.


Guh. The short version is this: Eger noticed Tiger's fuck up while watching the tournament on TV, and then called some people and had them pass along what he saw to competition committee chairman Fred Ridley, who then decided that no penalty should be assessed. But then Woods told reporters that he dropped his ball "two yards" back from the spot he hit his original shot on 15, which got Jim Fucking Nantz on the phone talking about "internet rumblings" with Ridley, and that was that.

The only thing you really need to glean from this story is that Jim Nantz sucks. Jim Nantz will always suck.