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Far be it from us to impugn the reputation of a team that has won five in a row and looks, on paper, to be one of the hottest teams in the NFL, but ... heavens to Betsy, if that's what a playoff team looks like, sheesh, when's baseball season?

The Vikings somehow beat the Bears last night in one of those games that resemble cute Pop Warner contests; everyone's running the wrong way and throwing it to ridiculous places, but somehow, some lovable scamp with his helmet on backwards and a jersey that hangs over his feet ends up stumbling into the endzone. You're happy for them, they won, that's great ... but seriously, when does the varsity come on the field.


Much salutations to our man Kyle Orton, however, who was his usual mildly efficient, mostly inoffensive self. He looked like the best quarterback on the field to us.

Thus officially ends any playoff chances the Buzzsaw had, by the way. Fortunately, they have two easy games in the last two weeks to drop them down the draft board next year. 8-8 would be nice, though. As for the Vikings ... anything that allows us to see Purple Jesus for a couple more weeks is fine with us.

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