Put Lou Williams In The Hall Of Fame For What He Just Did To The Warriors

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Photo: Jeff Chiu (AP)

The L.A. Clippers pulled off an absurd comeback victory against the Golden State Warriors on Monday night, tying the first-round series at one-all by winning 135-131 after being down 94-63 in the third quarter. They were aided by a DeMarcus Cousins injury and a late Kevin Durant foul out, but the Clippers couldn’t have pulled off the job without Lou freaking Williams, the 32-year-old heroic showman who scored 36 and got 11 assists.

Williams, who didn’t even start and only hit one field goal in the first half, came alive in the second along with the rest of his team. And in the final minute-and-change, Williams hit a pair of enormous buckets—both of them bizarre mid-range fadeaways that looked completely ill-advised by any modern basketball standards. But Lou Williams hit them, because Lou Williams is a legend.

Lou Williams Shots

Williams’s gravity was also hugely responsible for the game-winner—a Landry Shamet triple to give the Clippers a two-point lead with 16 seconds left. The Warriors, understandably terrified of Lou, gave him the double team that set in motion the passes that led to their downfall.


Steph Curry’s magic failed at the other end, and then Montrezl Harrell hit his free throws to seal it. Start building that Lou Williams statue in L.A. right this minute.