Last week, we announced the creation of The Adam Knox Fund, a little donation thing we set up for the late Adam Knox, the soldier responsible for the famous Ohio Iraq picture and brother of regular Deadspin reader Tom Knox. We wanted to give you an update.

In the span of four days, we have raised $2,361.00 for the members of Adam's unit โ€” and other soldiers โ€” and we plan on sending them all kinds of goodies in the next couple of weeks. If you want to donate, the button is below, but the real reason for this post is to do one last call to the Deadspin family for suggestions of what to send. This is going to have all your names on it, so don't be afraid to get creative. We want to be helpful, and we also to make everything unique to what we do around here.

So, put your suggestions in the comments, and feel free to email them to us as well. We'll continue to keep you updated.


The Adam Knox Fund [Deadspin]

Putting Together The Deadspin Care Package


(By the way, big thanks to Big Daddy Drew from KSK for spearheading the effort on this.)