Matthew Cerrone, from MetsBlog: Thanks for making time to talk with me, Omar, I really appreciate it.

Omar Minaya: Sure no problem, it’s my pleasure, Matt.

Matthew Cerrone, from MetsBlog: So, as you know, I asked my readers to send in questions for you, and the second-most popular name mentioned was Daniel Murphy, who everybody is really excited about.

Ed from Melville, NY, asked, “How do you envision Murphy being used in the line up? What position do you see him playing? And how excited are you about this guy?”

Omar Minaya: Well, first of all, we are very excited… We rarely see a young player having that kind of plate discipline, that kind of patience at the plate. I am comfortable that he is going to play the outfield if we need him to play the outfield. We are most comfortable that he would be able to play first base, if someday Carlos Delgado is not with us… He is going to play second base in the Fall League, but that was something that was decided a while back before he actually came to the Major Leagues.

Question 2, which deals with Castillo, will post at 10 am.

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