QB Proves You Don’t Have To Be Literate To Make The 49ers

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Nate Davis may not be able to deconstruct the early work of Tolstoy, but no matter: he's excellent at throwing footballs-at least good enough to make the 49ers over Damon Huard.

Nate has a learning disability similar to dyslexia, which impedes his reading skills and overall comprehension. So despite dominating MAC competition at Ball St, Davis fell to the 5th round of this year's draft because pro scouts deemed him-like Vince Young-too stupid to play in the NFL.

To those scouts, Nate says suck it in his own simple words:

I know that every team was a little hesitant taking me because of my learning disability. You know what? I came off and I was honest during the (NFL Scouting) combine. I came out and the first thing I told them was, 'Listen, I have a learning disability.' I wasn't going to hide nothing. I wanted them to know, and that I can overcome it, too.


No problem. Nate's been tearing it up in preseason thanks to a special, Dr. Seussified playbook replete with pictures instead of all that wacky play-calling lingo (RED 76 SELENIUM!) liable to confuse Stephen Hawking.

And since Alex Smith and Shaun Hill — the QBs ahead of Nate on the roster — have disabilities of their own (throwing disabilities), don't be surprised to see Nate start much, much sooner than any of those nay saying scouts could've ever predicted.


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